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  • Ikaika Kalama

What's New

Congratulations John John for the 2016 World Title

The 24-year-old Hawaii-born surfer claimed the men's championship title while surfing the final round of the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal. He scored big with his signature, gravity-defying aerial tricks, eventually out-scoring California surfer Conner Coffin.

"I honestly can't believe it right now, it's obviously not sunk in just yet," Florence said in an official statement emailed to The Huffington Post. "I'm so stoked, I've worked my whole life towards this and I have so many people to thank for this."

Florence's win marks the first time a Hawaii-born surfer has won the men's world title of surfing since 2004, when the late Andy Irons won the title for the third consecutive year in a row.

Behind the scenes with Makua

Makua Rothman shares what it's like to be a dad as well as insights into life in the Rothman family. Not to mention a little musical performance at the RVCA store in Los Angeles. Enjoy.

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