Eddi Rothman


On paper, Rothman is simply a successful surf promoter and co-founder of the surf brand Da Hui, which makes boardshorts, surf apparel and, more recently, MMA fighting gear. He is the elder statesman of Hui O He'e Nalu, or Hawaiian Club of Wave Riders, which he helped form nearly 40 years ago along with local surfers Kawika Stant Sr., Squiddy Sanchez, Terry Ahue and Bryan Amona.  Till this day, Eddie remains active in the Hui O He'e Nalu attending meetings and supporting events.  A proud father of three successful sons, Makuakai, Koa and Lono and grandfather of three keiki - Eddie continues to keep the mission of the Hui O He'e Nalu alive while keeping fans stoked with new designs and clothing.  A very busy man who continues to train in BJJ, weight training, surfing, paddling, biking, etc.  Staying fit and eating healthy is a must, while sharing the stoke of Aloha to many. Always making time to shake a hand - IF - you're on his good side.