Ezra Sitt

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Ezra Sitt is a modern-day Hawaiian warrior. He is best known as the owner and operator of Sunset Beach Jiu Jitsu Gym, where Hawaii's best fighters train year-round and Championships Tour surfers train when the figurative circus is in town. Ezra is a backdoor and pipeline specialist as well as a Jiu Jitsu brown belt.

Ezra isn't just a great fighter and trainer; he's spent his whole life shredding in Oahu. He typically surfs around the North Shore, but when the waves are small he jets off to compete in select Qualifying Series events around the globe. Whether he is surfing against the world's best in the Triple Crown events or rolling with Joel Tudor at his own gym, Ez does it all.

Not only is he athletically impressive, he impressed Surfing Magazine to win the 2015 Steep and Deep Pipe Line Photo Challenge!