Ikaika Kalama

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Ikaika "Power" Kalama

From: Big Island of Hawaii

DOB: 9/19/79

Age: 23

Height: 5´10"

Weight: 180lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Years Surfing: 23

Years Towing:7

Other Interests:Fishing

Residence:North Shore Oahu

Sponsors: Da Hui, Plumeria, Xcel, AllBus

Objectives: Develop myself into the ultimate Hawaiian Waterman

Milestones: Birth of my daughter Ka´anohiokealohanani Vaiti Hereau Kalama

Winner 2003 Jaws Expression session
Joining forces With Garrett to form a full-on, full-time extreme surfing team

Exposure: Vogue Magazine, numerous surf mags.

Achievements: Just bought a sick Cadillac

Goals: Keep the Cadillac running!!!

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